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Stockton, Illinois


Choose from a variety of unique gifts, designed to make your stay with us even more memorable.
2 Ply-DK Weight 250 Yard Skein-Dark Natural
Undyed natural Leicester Longwool rare natural dark wool from Bahbra.
Adopt Arlo! - Annual Virtual Adoption
"Fixed" male sheep have limited career options available...ie: dinner (oh, no!). When adopting Arlo for 1 year, you receive: surprise wool product, quarterly insider info from Arlo himself, and adoption certificate!
Core Spun Wool (Per Yard)
All natural core spun wool, mix of natural (Godfrey) and rare dark wool (Bahbra). Sold by the yard for smaller creative projects.
Core Spun Wool-100 Yard Bump
All natural Leicester Longwool core spun white and dark grey bump, courtesy of Godfrey and Bahbra!
Hand Felted Sheep
Hand felted sheep from the wool of your favorite Heritage Hollow sheep! Dark grey(Bahbra) or White (please specify).
Heritage Wool Dryer Balls
3 wool dryer balls made from out purebred longwool sheep! Skip the chemicals and poly-whatever that takes decades to dissolve in a landfill, wool breaks down in soil in 6 months! Hand made and hand dyed with native plants. Each is truly unique.
Long staple white Roving (1 Pound)
All white roving made from 11 inch staple high luster pure Leicester Longwool (Godfrey). Very soft!
Long Staple White Roving (Per Ounce)
Pure white natural roving from 11" staple Leicester Longwool (Godfrey); sold per ounce for smaller projects.
Raw Longwool Locks (Per Ounce)
Long staple (at least 6") of beautiful, lustrous purebred Leicester Locks! For hand spinning, dying, or crafting projects. White (Gertie, Mahsha, Helen, Wendy, Germaine, Fancy, Arlo).
Washed Leicester Long Locks (Per Ounce)
Get right to your project with our long staple (at least 6"-some up to 14"!) white Leicester Longwool locks. Hand washed and sorted by yours truly.
Wool filled Lap Blanket
Let the flock keep you warm with our wool filled lap blanket with muslin ticking(45x72). Add your own duvet cover to match your decor.
Worsted Weight Yarn Skein 200 yards - Natural
2 Ply-Worsted Weight all natural(white) Leicester Longwool from flock sire, Godfrey.